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How to Fix Epson Printer Head Alignment Not Working?

Fix Epson Printer Head Alignment Not Working:

On the industry, there are two kinds of print heads, Piezo and Thermal, while Piezo inkjet print heads are used by Epson printers. During the printing session, these printheads ‘ advanced technology does not use heat, making them work with multiple types of inks. But sometimes, with the printhead appearing as Epson printer head alignment does not work, you may get an mistake. What else should I do?

Possible Causes of Print Head Alignment Issues: Print head alignment issues are the most common and by seeking professional help you can solve them effortlessly. But before that, you need to know the likely reasons behind “not working Epson printer head alignment” issues.

• Inside the print head, jammed paper issue.

• Clogging problems or stacks of dust in your print cartridge.

• Issues arising from incorrect cartridge installation.

• Issues caused by poor cartridge quality.

• After a large printing session has been completed.

Keeping these parameters in mind, if it has already occurred, you can avoid the chances or resolve the printer head alignment issues. First of all, it should solve your purpose. Furthermore, if you still have problems with the printhead or obtain unwanted outcomes of printing, you should search for Epson printing in error state services.

What problems are caused by Print Head Alignment Errors: Alignment problems are undoubtedly difficult to solve and sometimes make your choice to buy your printer wrong. And can render it useless to buy your printer. If you are one of those experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, you certainly need some specialist advice to solve the issues of print head alignment.

Below is a list of common problems that require expert solutions to resolve: • Problems caused by colors that are incorrect or missing.

• Issues arising from blurry printouts.

• Horizontal banding issues.

• Problems of vertical misalignment.

Step 1: Horizontal Banding

• Run the Print Head Alignment Utility

• Place the printable side of the paper inside the sheet feeder

• Run the Head Cleaning Utility to clear the blocked ink nozzles.

• Reset all custom settings, select Text and Image configuration.

• Automatic settings are selected under the Print dialog box’s Mode tab.

• Check the ink-out indicator light status. If it is flashing, the appropriate ink cartridge must be replaced

• Do not pick Minimize Margins and make sure Maximize setting is not selected as the Printable Area.

• Finally, make sure that your printer software’s media type choice is consistent with the media type loaded on your printer.

Step 2: Vertical misalignment or banding-

• Put in the sheet feeder the printable side of the document.

Run the Alignment Utility for Print Head.

• Disable (clear) the Advanced dialog box high-speed checkbox.

• Now perform Head Cleaning to clear ink nozzle clogging.

• Remember that the Media Type environment should be consistent with the media type loaded in the printer.

Step 3: Recover / Resolve Incorrect or Missing Colors-Change the Ink setting in your printer software to Color if you notice any incorrect or missing colors. Additionally, change your application’s color settings. To clean wrong colors, you can even operate the Head Cleaning Utility. Make sure you do not use the ink cartridge printed over the cartridge package beyond its expiry.

Step 4: Solve Issues Because of Blurry Printouts-You can use the appropriate driver for your printer to get rid of blurry printouts. Make sure you use friendly paper from Epson and always put your printer on a flat surface. Also, operate the Print Head or Cleaning Utility.

However, if the printhead problems are not fixed, you need to search for immediate alternatives for Epson printers in error state.

How to align your Epson Printer with the Printhead?

Fix epson printer head alignment that doesn’t work The following helpful guide will assist you align your Epson printer head. This guide applies to correction of the head alignment of EpsonXP-410. Do not skip any of these measures to improve the outcomes of printing.

• Load plain A4 or letter size printing paper in the sheet feeder for Windows User.

• Now access the software for the printer.

• Under the Maintenance tab, click the Print Head Alignment button.

• Start to align the print head correctly following the on-screen directions.

For Mac OS (8.6 to 9.x) user:

• Load the sheet feeder with A4 size plain paper.

• Access the dialog box for Page Setup.

• Click the Utility button and then click the Alignment button for the print head.

• Follow the on-screen directions for completing the alignment of the machine’s print head.

User for Mac Os (X):

• The steps for OS (8.6 to 9.x) are the same.

• You have to load A4 sheet feeder size paper again.

• Now, in the dialog box, access the Epson printer utility.

Make printer selection and press OK in the printer list window to access the printer tool.

• In the Utility dialog box, press the Printhead Alignment button.

• Finally, follow the on-screen directions to fix the alignment mistake on your screen.

However, if these measures do not assist to remove your problem, seek some professional help. Keep in mind that a reliable print service is selected.

If you are unable to Fix Epson Printer Head Alignment Not Working issues online, Dial +1-855-455-1176 for troubleshoot Epson Printer Head Alignment Not Working Online by Epson support technicians.