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How to Fix Printer not activated error code 41

Are you getting ” Printer not activated error code 41″ message? Find out how to solve the problem.

Printers are peripheral computer devices that are essential for taking physical copies of computer-related work. They are user-friendly and most operating systems come with a pre-installed printer set-up wizard. There are, however, some issues that may arise when using printer devices. These include unresponsive printers, unworkable printers, freezing printers, error messages that arise when printers are used. Error messages from different types such as Epson Printer Not Activated Error Code 41 that occur while using printers. This usually occurs when the printer is first accessed after booting the system. The reasons why “Printer not enabled, error code 41” comes up on the system include problems with printer software or printer drivers, incorrect configuration of printer settings, operating system errors installed on the printer-connected system, and more.

Following details gives users more information and tips to fix Epson Printer not activated error code 41″:

  • Fix system errors
  • Check printer configuration
  • Reinstall drivers

Fix system errors

Operating system errors can cause “Unactivated printer, error code 41” problem on your system. The errors may be with the printer driver-related system files or some of the printer-related registry entries. All users using the’ sfc / scannow’ command in the CMD must check the integrity of the system files on the operating system. Then, using the original Windows installation disk, repair the operating system. In addition, users must also use a registry cleaning software to clean the system registry.

Check printer configuration

Failure to configure printer-related settings may also cause “Unactivated printer, error code 41.” If the selected printer is not set as the default printer to perform the printing tasks, this problem is also known to arise. Users receiving “Printer not activated, error code 41” message are suggested to check the configuration of the printer and also to restart the system background printer spooler service. This can be done using the printers and fax option in the’ Start’ menu, and use the’ services.msc ‘ command under’ Run’ to restart the service.

Reinstall drivers

Damage or corruption of the printer drivers installed on the system may also cause “Unactivated printer, error code 41. Users experiencing this problem need to completely remove the printer drivers installed on the system using the device manager and then reinstall the printer drivers.

After reading this article, we hope that your problem with Epson Printer Activation Error Code 41 and Epson Printer not activated error code 41 message will be resolved quickly if you can’t fix this problem, just dial our toll-free number+ 1-888-302-0939 to connect with the printer support expert.


How To Fix Printer not activated Error Code 20

Printer not activated Error Code 20 Is caused by the failure to properly configure the EPSON printer on your system. This error typically shows when trying to print a document, image or spreadsheet on your computer, and then you decide to print that document with your EPSON printer. [Printer not activated Error code 20]

There are several reasons why the non-activated Epson Printer Error Code 20 appears, including the following: The default printer is not set to the printer you are using.

  • There’s no printer driver available.
  • Conflicts exist in the device manager.
  • Errors in the registry of your system.

To fix this error, you must first ensure that your EPSON Printer is set up correctly and that there are no damaged or corrupt settings on your PC that could prevent your printer from working. Here are the steps to resolve this issue that you should take:

How To Fix Epson Printer not activated Error Code 20

You must first make sure that the EPSON printer is actually working before you start resolving the error. You can print a self-test page to do this and check the USB connectivity from the printer to your computer once you have done that. Once you have completed these tasks successfully, these methods can then be applied to resolve the error.

Step 1 – Make Sure The Printer You Are Using Is Set As The Default Printer

The reason you should do this is because there may be the same problem in the future when you try to print a document out. You should always make sure that it is set as the default printer if you buy another printer.

1.       Click Start > Fax and Printer.

2.       Look through the Printers folder and proceed to Step 2 if you don’t have the desired printer icon.

3.       However, if there is the desired icon, see if it has next to it a check mark. This means the default printer is set.

4.       If there is no check mark, right-click the printer and click the option Set as Default Printer.

5.       To print a Windows self-test page, right-click the printer and select the Print Test Page.

6.       Exit the printer folder if the page prints successfully and try to print a word document.

7.       If this fails, however, apply the methods in Step 2.

Step 2 – Reinstall The USB Composite Device

Reinstalling the USB device would just like to start over with a so-called’ new’ printer. Reinstalling the device could be just what it needs to function properly. Follow these steps to do this: 1. Right-click and select Properties from My Computer.

2.       Click the tab Hardware and click Device Manager 3.           Double-click Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the Device Manager window.

4.       Right-click Device Composite USB, select Uninstall and click OK. 5. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from your PC.

6.       Follow the on-screen instructions in the Found New Hardware Wizard to install the drivers.

7.       To open the Printers folder, click Start, then select Printer and Faxes.

8.       Find your EPSON printer icon and then click Print Test Page to print a self-test page.

9.       Close all windows and try to print out a document if the self-test page prints successfully.

Step 3 – Uninstall And Reinstall The EPSON Software

If the following steps do not resolve the unactivated Epson Printer Error Code 20, then the EPSON printer software should be uninstalled and reinstalled. You should use the Add / Remove Programs utility built in to do this.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry

One of EPSON Printer Error 20’s biggest causes is due to corrupt or damaged parts of the’ registry’ that prevent your computer from using the printer. The registry is a Windows system database that stores vital settings and files that need to be run by your computer and software. It needs to read many registry settings every time you use your software to help run it, but unfortunately, many of these settings get damaged and corrupted, making it difficult for Windows to read them. To fix this, use a’ registry cleaner’ program to clean the registry.

We hope that after reading this article, your problem with non-activated Epson Printer Activation Error Code 20 and Epson Printer Error Code 20 message will be resolved quickly if you are unable to solve these problems, just dial our toll-free number + 1-888-302-0939 to connect with the printer support expert:

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How to Fix Printer not activated error code -30

Printer not activated error code -30

Epson printer not activated error code 30 that has not been activated can sometimes appear and prevent you from printing documents. This can be a big issue and we’ll show you how to fix this issue in today’s article.

Fix Epson Printer Activation Error Code -30 message may prevent you from printing, and here are users reporting similar issues. This error message may sometimes appear while trying to print PDF files. If this happens, the feature Print to PDF can be used to solve the problem. This is another common problem that can occur, and if you do not have the necessary security permissions, it can occur.  This error can affect any brand of Epson Printer, and the cause is most likely an outdated Epson Printer driver if the problem appears. This error message may appear on almost any Windows version, but by using one of our solutions, you should be able to fix it.

Printer not activated error code -30, how to fix it?

Solution 1 – Remove Epson Printer software

If you do not activate Epson printer not activated error code 30, your Epson Printer software may be the problem. This software can sometimes interfere with your system and cause this and other errors to occur.

Simply remove or reinstall your Epson Printer software, however, can solve the problem. You can simply use the Settings app to do this and remove the Epson Printer software from the Apps section. Usually this is not the most effective solution, and it can sometimes leave some files or registry entries in the background that can cause this problem to reappear.We recommend that you use uninstaller software such as IOBit Unintaller to make sure that the Epson Printer software is completely removed. This software will remove all Epson Printer software-related files and registry entries and will prevent the problem from reappearing.

If you solve the problem by uninstalling the Epson Printer software, you may want to try using your Epson Printer without it. Alternatively, the latest Epson Printer software can be downloaded and you can check if it solves your problem.

Solution 2 – Make sure that your Epson Printer drivers are up to

Epson Printer is not activated, if your Epson Printer drivers are out of date, error code -30 may appear. Outdated drivers will prevent you from printing documents, but simply by updating your drivers, you can fix this problem.There are

several ways to do that, but the best way would be to visit the manufacturer’s website of your Epson Printer and download your model’s latest drivers. Although updating drivers is usually simple, some users may have problems manually downloading their Epson Printer’s appropriate driver.You may want to try using TweakBit Driver Updater software if you don’t want to search for drivers on your o

wn. This application is designed to search and download the drivers you need automatically, so you may want to try it out.

Check if the problem is still there once your Epson Printer driver is up to date.

Solution 3 – Select your Epson Printer manually

According to users, not activated by Epson Printer, error code-30 appears when attempting to print documents using a quick print option. Your applications may sometimes automatically try to use the Print to PDF feature, which may cause the error message to appear.

It is recommended that you always manually select the Epson Printer you want to use when printing to fix this problem. This is just a workaround, but until you find a permanent solution, it should help you with this problem.

Solution 4 – Use Print to PDF feature

If this problem arises when attempting to use Print to PDF, a third-party solution could be the problem. Previous Windows versions did not have native print support for PDF, and this is the main reason why users had to use all kinds of third-party solutions.

There is finally an integrated Print to PDF feature with Windows 10, so there is no need to use third-party applications. If you don’t have Epson Printer enabled, error code -30 error, try using the PDF feature built-in Print to check if that solves your problem.

Solution 5 – Reinstall Epson Printer drivers and modify your registry

Error code-30 error on your PC to fix the unactivated Epson Printer, you may need to reinstall your Epson Printer drivers sometimes. You may also need to make a few changes in your registry in addition to doing that.

According to users, the absence of certain privileges in your registry may cause this problem to occur, but by reinstalling the Epson Printer driver and modifying your registry you can fix the problem.

Solution 6 – Change the application’s security permissions

Sometimes Epson Printer is not activated, because of your security permissions, error code-30 error may appear. Some security permissions may be missing and may prevent printing and cause this error to appear. However, by modifying your security permissions, you can fix this problem.

Solution 7 – Install the latest updates

Sometimes not activated by Epson Printer, error code-30 error occurs due to system bugs. However, simply by installing the latest updates, you can fix the problem. Windows 10 usually automatically installs the missing updates, but you can always check for your own updates. If there are any updates, they will automatically be downloaded in the background. Check if the problem is still there once the updates are installed.

Solution 8 – Run the Epson Printer troubleshooter

According to users, Epson Printer not activated error code -30 may appear due to different bugs on your system, and if you have this error, you may be able to fix it simply by running the troubleshooter for Epson Printer.

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We hope that after reading this article, your problem of Epson Printer Activation Error Code -30 and Printer not activated error code -30 message gets resolved quickly, if you are unable to fix this issues , just dial our toll-free number +1-888-302-0939 to connect with printer support expert.