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How To Fix Xerox printers Error Code 033 545

The Xerox Corporation, formerly known as the Haloid Photographic Company, was one of the pioneering companies to sell print and digital documents devices and solutions to the whole world. It was established in 1906 in USA and has a fan base of millions of users. Xerox manufactures high-quality laser printers which gives you bright and colorful printed images and documents.

Fix Xerox printers Error Code 033 545

You can use Xerox printers in offices, industries and businesses – there are monochromatic, colored and multi functional all – in – one printers. With time, you may encounter issues like Xerox printers error code 033 545.Call us at our helpline numbers to get our experts’ advice and suggestions for error removal.

Effective Solution to Error Code 033 545:

  • Switch off the device to start troubleshooting it.
  • Next, unplug the machine from the main power line and then plug it tightly, again.
  • Then, find out the beige strip with two screws attached. It might be dirty; thus you need to clean it.
  • The glue in the beige strip might become very sticky preventing the printhead and the wipers to move properly. Change that too.
  • If the error remains in the printer, replace the DADF to fix the issue.

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