Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With The Scanner

Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With The Scanner

While Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With The Scanner. Epson has developed a lightweight, feature-rich scanner with innovative designs that can support a superior on – the-go scanning job. The XP 310 scanner from Epson is considered one of the prominent scanners that can serve the purpose for your home, starting from images to documents. It can streamline the scanning process and also improve the efficiency. However, some users report to face technical failures while using this Epson scanner due to a recent Windows system update. A message ‘ epson scanner communication error’ appears as the most common problem.

This issue arises when the query for a scanner fails to search for any documents. A scanner has a crucial role in that day-to-day corporate life. But, if it does not run properly, it is regarded as a massive drawback for the printing and scanning industry. It’s here that this article comes at its tempo.

Read this article, and get a vivid idea of why this mistake happens abruptly. In addition, you’ll also learn about the effective tricks that can help you solve the problem.

General Reasons behind the Epson Scanner Communication Error

First of all, you must understand why Epson scanner communication error seems to by-pass the chances of its potential occurrence. There are a number of different factors which can contribute to this issue of communication.

Effective Methods: Resolve the Epson XP 310 Scanner Communication Error

The solutions listed below can help you mitigate the problem, if you are running Windows 7, 8 or 10. In addition, if you’ve recently updated to Windows 10, then these quick hacks can also help you recover from this problem. Take a look and attempt to follow the steps in the exact order given below:

Method 1: Run the Scanner software with the Administrative Privileges

At first, try using administrative privileges to run the scanning program. If you are attempting to link an external source, most applications will need administrative permission. It lets them do their job without interruption or any security check requirement. Now follow the steps to adjust the configuration of the application and to allow for administrative access.

Step 1: Navigate and right-click on the Epson Scan application. Select ‘ Properties ‘ option from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click on the’ Compatibility’ tab when the properties window appears and tick the box next to the’ Run this program as an administrator ‘ label. If the administrator favors lingering, then try taking the steps in the Compatibility Mode.

Step 3: Click on the Apply button to save the recent changes when you’re done. Finally, open the window and turn off your Epson scanner and remove your USB from the network. Set the scanner again after 3-4 minutes, and see if the scanning is successful.

Method 2: Fix the Wireless Connection Settings

If the Epson scan application does not associate the scanner, due to problems concerning the LAN address of the network. Even if the network is designed to automatically connect, this may fail to do so abruptly. Instead, in this case, you need to manually change the address via the prompt command. Let us begin by taking the steps:

Step 1: Via the program shortcut, navigate to the’ Epson Scan Settings ‘ window. Otherwise the window can also be opened via the Windows search tab.

Step 2: Click on the’ Add’ option below the’ Network Scanner Address ‘ label when you reach the scan settings. You now have to select the correct scanner using the options in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: A new window opens, simply navigate to the Prompt command to get the correct address. Copy the address now and paste it to the’ Enter Address ‘ tab.

Step 4: Locate, and click the Windows icon. Type’ cmd’ in and wait until the application opens as soon as the dialog box appears. Type the ‘ipconfig’ command again, and press the Enter button.

Step 5: Go to your default browser now and paste the value in the address bar. The administrative interface of your router appears, logs in and checks whether your Epson scanner appears under the label ‘ attached devices to the network.’

Step 6: In the Scanner program, enter the scanner code, and press the Apply button. Also, you can select the’ Test’ option to check if the.

Now you can use the’ scan utility’ service to the complete without any difficulty. If this approach seems too difficult, though, then you can go hacking for the next solution.

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Method 3: Try using a shorter USB cable

It’s a known fact that if you’re linking the scanner and device with a long USB cable, you’re likely to lose more signals. So, try considering a shorter cable and note whether or not the link issues are resolved. This is just a quick fix and you need to check to see if this solution is working. Otherwise, you can also go to the next Epson scanner communication error solving method.

Method 4: Restart Shell Hardware Detection

The Shell Hardware Detection service is the primary tool for helping you determine whether any external hardware has a proper connection to your device. It operates automatically and notifies hardware events for every autoplay. Perhaps the machine faces a challenge with this device and the scanner fails to identify. Let’s try to fix this tool, so your scanner can be reconnected to your system.

Step 1: To start you need to simultaneously press both the Windows key and the R key. Type’ services.msc’ in and press the Enter key when a dialog box appears. As a result of the search a list of file names appears.

Step 2: Try to locate the’ Shell Hardware Detection ‘ service from the result list, and right-click it. Click on the’ Properties ‘ option from the drop-down menu, and wait for a new window.

Step 3: Now, check if the type of startup is set to the’ Automatic’ option and the window simply exists. Navigate to the’ operation’ file again, right-click on it and choose’ Restart’ option.

Step 4: Unplug the scanner from your monitor, and wait for a couple of minutes. Again, reconnect the devices with precision and check if your program can recognize the scanner.

Method 5: Update the Scanner DriversIf the above solutions can not help you fix the communications error of the Epson scanner, then the scanning drivers might have a definite problem. You will need to navigate to the manufacturer’s website to initiate the process. Check compatibility, and find out if the new scanner drivers are available. Note the model number of the Epson XP 310 scanner for quick identification of the requisite version. Now proceed with the steps:

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box, simultaneously by pressing both the Windows key and the “R” key. Type’ devmgmt.msc’ and press Enter. You will note that the device manager for the computer opens.

Step 2: Note that if you can view any hardware, go to the sub-menu and select the’ Imaging devices ‘ option. In fact, you need to right-click the Epson scanner icon and from the drop-down menu choose ‘Update driver’.

Step 3: You will finally confirm that you plan to upgrade the drivers. Click the’ Browse my driver software machine ‘ option, and follow the prompts on the screen. The driver files are downloaded to your system and automatically updated.

There are a few times you have to go for an older version when a new driver fails to work then. Download them using the same approach as above. In addition, This Epson Scanner comes with an in-built printer so you also need to update the printer drivers.

Method 6: Uninstall Epson Scan

You should try uninstalling Epson Scan, too. To do this, navigate to’ Windows Explorer’ and to’ C:\Windows’ in the address bar form. You will note that a results list appears on the screen containing various file names. Try to locate, and rename, the file called’ twain 32.’ You can use’ twain old’ to change the name. Upon completion of the process restart your computer to help configure your device the recent changes. Finally, this uninstalls ‘Epson Scan’. Wait for a couple of minutes and reinstall it again, this will help to sort the problem.

To Sum It Up to Resolve Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With The Scanner

The information provided in the section above must be sufficient to help you eradicate the epson scanner communication error on the Epson XP 310 scanner from its root. Therefore, if the problems remain, then try to check if there are any constraints on the network and make sure you have typed the scanner hardware into the exact network configurations. Finally, you can also check if the ports are in your device are working appropriately and then try plugging in the hardware. However, if you are not acquainted with the technical domain, then try to gain requisite technical guidance.