How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error 1203- Lexmark Support

The Lexmark printer error 1203 appears on the operator panel by indicating a severe issue with one of the installed ink cartridges. Here the steps to fix Lexmark Printer Error 1203 offered by Lexmark Printer support experts.

Steps to Troubleshoot Error 1203 of Lexmark Printer:

Step 1: Power On process

Make sure that the Lexmark printer is accurately powered on.

Step 2: Working with the control panel

  • Pull up the control panel and then open the cartridge access door carefully. The print cartridge carrier will then move and stop automatically at the loading position.Pull all the old cartridges and later on lift them out carefully.

Step 3: Working with the cartridges

  • With the cartridges shifted out of the printer, you need to shut the access door and then work with the control panel.
    Power off the printer and then power it on again

Step 4: Checking the operator

  • Check for the operator panel to see whether the same error has returned or if can see a new message on the screen.
  • If the message displayed is 1203, there is something wrong with the printer hardware.

 Step 5: Installation phase of the cartridges

  • Reinstallation of the cartridges into the printer is essential task for users as suggested by Lexmark printer technical support expert team.
  • Insert the color cartridge accurately in the left carrier and then insert the black cartridge in the absolute right carrier.
  • Push it back gently on the cartridges till it snaps securely into an accurate position.
  • Close the entire cartridge access door as well as the control panel.
  • If you still can see the 1203 error message on the operator panel, then it is advised to users to insert one cartridge at a time.
  • With one cartridge in the carrier section, carefully close both the access door and the control panel.
  • Check for the entire operator panel to see if the 1203 error is still displaying or not.
  • If the Cartridge Missing message is being displayed, then the second cartridge may lead into the failure process.
  • Replacement of the defective cartridge is necessary.

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