How To Fix Printer not activated Error Code 20

Printer not activated Error Code 20 Is caused by the failure to properly configure the Epson printer on your system. This error typically shows when trying to print a document, image, or spreadsheet on your computer, and then you decide to print that document with your Epson printer. [Printer not activated Error code 20]

There are several reasons why the Printer not activated Error Code 20 appears, including the following: The default printer is not set to the printer you are using.

  • There’s no printer driver available.
  • Conflicts exist in the device manager.
  • Errors in the registry of your system.

To fix this error, you must first ensure that your EPSON Printer is set up correctly and that there are no damaged or corrupt settings on your PC that could prevent your printer from working. Here are the steps to resolve this issue that you should take:

How To Fix Epson Printer not activated Error Code 20

Second, you have to make sure the EPSON printer works until the error is corrected. You can print a self-test page and check your printer’s USB connectivity to your device after you have done so. If the tasks have been successfully performed, these techniques can be used to correct the error.

Step 1 – Make Sure The Printer You Are Using Is Set As The Default Printer

The reason you should do this is that there may be the same problem in the future when you try to print a document out. You should always make sure that it is set as the default printer if you buy another printer.

1.       Click Start > Fax and Printer.

2.       Look through the Printers folder and proceed to Step 2 if you don’t have the desired printer icon.

3.       However, if there is the desired icon, see if it has next to it a checkmark. This means the default printer is set.

4.       If there is no checkmark, right-click the printer and click the option Set as Default Printer.

5.       To print a Windows self-test page, right-click the printer and select the Print Test Page.

6.       Exit the printer folder if the page prints successfully and try to print a word document.

7.       If this fails, however, apply the methods in Step 2.

Step 2 – Reinstall The USB Composite Device

Reinstalling the USB device would just like to start over with a so-called’ new’ printer. Reinstalling the device could be just what it needs to function properly. Follow these steps to do this: 1. Right-click and select Properties from My Computer.

2.       Click the tab Hardware and click Device Manager 3.           Double-click Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the Device Manager window.

4.       Right-click Device Composite USB, select Uninstall and click OK. 5. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from your PC.

6.       Follow the on-screen instructions in the Found New Hardware Wizard to install the drivers.

7.       To open the Printers folder, click Start, then select Printer and Faxes.

8.       Find your EPSON printer icon and then click Print Test Page to print a self-test page.

9.       Close all windows and try to print out a document if the self-test page prints successfully.

Step 3 – Uninstall And Reinstall The EPSON Software

If the following steps do not resolve the unactivated Epson Printer Error Code 20, then the EPSON printer software should be uninstalled and reinstalled. You should use the Add / Remove Programs utility built in to do this.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry

One of the main causes of EPSON Printer not activated Error code 20 is that the ‘registry’ is corrupted or disabled and does not use the printer on your computer. The registry is a Windows system database that stores vital machine and software settings and files to run. Any time your program is used to help you run it, many of these registry settings are read, but sadly, many have been weakened and corrupted so that Windows find it difficult to read it. To correct this, use a cleaning registry program.

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