How to Make an Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges

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Make an Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges

How to Make an Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges ? Avail support from experts

Original printer cartridges are quite expensive. Clone cartridge is a duplicate form of an original printer cartridge. Which is used by many printer users across the world to save money. Often printer devices do not recognize these clone cartridges. Epson printer users often complain about the same problem. If your Epson device is not able to identify a newly installed clone cartridge.Connect with us to avail accurate solutions to make an Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges within a quick span of time.

Why does printer show the message “An Ink cartridge cannot be recognized”?

A printer might be unable to recognize the clone cartridge due to many reasons such as a dirty chip. Damaged chip contacts, faulty chips and many more.

How to Make an Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges?

You can troubleshoot these issues and make your Epson printer recognize the clone cartridge by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Install your cloned Ink cartridge into the Epson printer
  • Go to “start menu” and then select “Control panel” option on your computer
  • Double click on “Printer.”
  • Right-click on the Epson printer icon and choose “Printer preferences.”
  • Click on the “Speed and progress” tab and check the Epson printer monitor box
  • Check off the box saying “Disable Epson status monitor” to turn off the ink monitor
  • Click “Save” and close the windows

If the printer is not recognizing the clone cartridge, you must choose expert support which can be provided by our highly skilled experts at an affordable price.

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