Setup Epson EcoTank ET-3600 Printer

Epson ET-3600 Eco Tank is an extraordinary printer with up to two-year ink storage in the box and sufficient to print about 8500 pages.

An Overview:

• 2 years of ink in the box

• Low cost substitute ink bottles

• Easy set-up and broad enough screen navigation.

• Save paper-both-side printing

• Complete wireless solution

• Fast printing speed

Connecting your Epson EcoTank ET-3600 via Wireless Setup:

Eco Tank ET-3600 Printer button will help you understand the process of connecting wirelessly.

Before setting up let us understand the key point that we should be concerned with, such as

• Wireless Setup: it is essential that you have a wireless setup that could be a wireless modem or router.

• Network Name: Knowing it as there are multiple wireless network alternatives is essential.

• Security Settings: The most significant characteristic is that it determines the configuration of either Protected Password or WPS button.

Now unpack your printer after checking the above points and take multiple measures such as unpacking, filling ink tanks and lastly loading documents.

Unpacking :

Remove all protected covers and unpack the boxes slowly and remove all accessories such as cables, ink bottles and cd rom for driver set-up.

On each tank is set up the Epson ET-3600 Ink Tank Setup

Color coded sticker, filling the bottles closely and properly.

Epson ET-3600 Printer Setup and Loading Paper

Use control panel loading paper to set up alignment and pull out the tray for print output.

Note:-Refer the manual attached to the printer to handle each ink tank smoothly and carefully.

• Install the software now using the box CD or you can also go to the software installation website of Epson, select the model, language region and set up after installation.

• You will be told to set up an EcoTank printer after clicking on next, select wireless and click next.

When you continue, pick the printer configuration for the first time and continue to the WIFI Auto Connect option and the next window will ask for method configuration, click the printer button and click Next button

• Select your home network and copy the data, continue by clicking next:

• Scroll through the navigation buttons, click Wi-Fi setup and select Wi-Fi se.

If you are unable to Setup Epson EcoTank ET-3600 Printer, Dial +1-855-666-7789 Epson EcoTank ET-3600 Wireless Printer Setup, Connect Epson EcoTank ET-3600 Printer to wifi