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How to Fix Epson Printer Communication Error on Mac?

Our daily work highly depends on Mac devices as well as on Printers. And no one can deny the frustration of encountering printer error in the middle of an urgent work. Similarly, it’s become necessary to Epson Printer Communication Error on Mac for smooth printing. Epson Printers are known for the reliability and incredible functionality. Sometimes, it fails to response to your Mac system due to some communication error.

Epson Printer communication error on Mac can occur due to several technical glitches. Improper power connection and network connectivity are the prime reasons for that.


Epson Printer Communication Error on Mac


Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Communication Error on Mac

We often come across communication error on Mac while printing through an Epson Printer. But there is nothing to freak out. Here, you can find the most suitable solutions to get rid of this error as early possible.

Solution 1: Check for Proper Cables and Connections

First of all, you need to make sure that a proper connection has been established between Mac and Printer. In order to do so, detach all the USB cables between them and then firmly connect the two again in proper USB ports. Sometimes, old USB cables unable to function properly. So make sure, you are using working cables for connection.  Now open System Profiler under “About this Mac” and click on “More Info” button. Now click on “Printers” to check for your printer. If the printer is not in the list, try another USB port for connection.

Solution 2: Check for Driver Errors

Sometimes, a communication error appears due to outdated printer driver or software application. To troubleshoot such errors, you need to replace your application or drivers with updated one. Download and install Mac software that is compatible to your device. Mac OS X performs incredibly well in such cases. To download a compatible printer driver, you need to visit printer’s manufacturer’s website. You can also get the driver from OS X download page. Besides, visit Epson Printer Help services to fix compatibility issues between software, printer and Mac.

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Solution 3: Check for Network Issues

To make sure, you have a proper internet connection between Mac and Printer, choose System Preferences under Apple Menu. After that, tab on Network and then Advanced option. Now verify Apple Talk is active by clicking on it. If you are using a network printer, connect it with system with cables on temporary basis. If you have Lion System Software, this troubleshoot might not work anymore.

Epson Scanner Communication Error

Sometimes you might experience the same problem with your scanner. Here’s how to fix communication error in your Epson scanner.

  • Check if your scanner is properly connected to the power and your system.
  • Try restarting your computer.
  • Check the scanner setup. For Windows 8x, go to apps and then to Epson scan setting. For other versions of Windows, select all programs from the start menu, click on Epson scan and then to Epson scan settings. If you are on an OS X user, go to applications, the to Epson software and click to Epson scan setting. You might see a window saying Epson scan cannot be started.
  • Set the connection setting to local and skip the rest if the scanner is connected with USB.
  • If it is wireless, select the network in connection setting. If your scanner appears under Network Scanner Address with right IP address, skip the rest steps. If not, go to the next step. For knowing the IP address of your product, print a network status sheet.
  • Select Add, then click on the IP address that appears in the list. In case of more than one IP address, make sure you pick the right one.
  • Click Ok and then on Ok again.

One of these methods will surely sort out the communication error in your printer or scanner.

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